Simple & Affordable Timekeeping

Our timekeeping solution was designed with you in mind. It’s simple to set up, and it’s simple to manage. Though the system offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features, we can conveniently set up most of the "bells and whistles" behind the scenes so you can focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, and running reports. A simple timekeeping solution offers practicality from start to finish.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Simple Online Editing
  2. “Plug & Play” Hardware
  3. Reduce Labor Costs

Our automated timekeeping solution dramatically reduces the administrative work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours. Because our solution allows your data to be sent electronically for payroll processing, you can eliminate:

  • Faxing, phoning in, or any other form of manual transmission of employee data
  • Human error associated with manually calculating timesheets
  • Labor hours required by payroll clerks to collect and calculate payroll each period

How It Works
We offer a variety of options for collecting employee data, which all send your employee's punches to the web for simple editing and reporting by your supervisors. Once you have selected a data collection method (web, badge card, PIN, fingerprint, etc.), we'll set up your account according to your needs and create an automated means of tracking and calculating each of your employee's timecards.

Automated timekeeping is a powerful savings tool for employers. It provides great convenience for HR staff, supervisors, and business owners, and it dramatically reduces labor costs. Savings are created through:

  • Eliminated “wasted labor minutes” from employee time theft and approximations
  • Eliminated time spent by payroll clerks in collecting and calculating timecard data
  • Minimized expenses associated with human error in processing timekeeping data
  • Increased productivity and accountability for time worked by employees

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Our system provides a broad range of timekeeping features that allow employers to effectively track employee time. Each feature is offered to assist in conveniently organizing and quantifying an employee's workday.

To learn more about our timekeeping services, contact our offices at 913-338-1818.

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